Safety & Prevention
GEMS Keeps Greenwich Safe

As much as GEMS enjoys caring for the town residents, we would much rather meet you during a safety or prevention training than as a patient!

GEMS Safety trainings provide education on how to avoid or reduce risk during our daily activities such as driving, athletics, managing adverse weather, and even walking. Our Prevention trainings focus on education that may influence your daily choices such as drug or alcohol use, awareness of common medical symptoms, vaccinations, lifestyle choices, and education to render aid during emergency situations.

GEMS offers several Training and Educational Opportunities each year that are open to the public; these trainings include CPR & First Aid, EMR & EMT classes, and even Pet First Aid & CPR.  If you are the owner or administrator for a business in-town, GEMS offers Emergency Planning resources free of charge.  GEMS Staff will perform a site visit of your facility and help you prepare for a variety of potential/common emergencies. 

If you prefer to not attend a formal training by GEMS you are welcome to still prepare yourself and our responders for an emergency by completing a “File of Life”.  In the event of a self-emergency the “File of Life” will aid responders in knowing all of the pertinent and important information in the event you cannot provide it yourself.

Aside from our ongoing emergency care scheduled trainings, GEMS participates in several community outreach events and programs each year.   Please read more about this in our GEMS in the Community and Emergency Prevention sections.

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