GEMS in the Community

Ambulance Touch-A-Trucks

Learning about paramedics and EMTs who work on ambulances can be extremely beneficial for children. It can alleviate their fear during an emergency situation and equip them with knowledge on when to call 911, the important questions they may be asked, and even allow them to practice using some equipment.

First-Aid Achievements and Badges

GEMS is frequently asked to provide assistance due to their expertise in first aid and emergency response planning. GEMS will assist programs in earning their health and emergency preparedness badges.

Greenwich Together

We at GEMS are honored to be a part of Greenwich Together, a community partnership that aims to prevent substance misuse, encourage behavioral and mental well-being, and promote healthy choices by fostering positive youth, family, and community development.

Greenwich Suicide Postvention Response Team

When a death by suicide occurs, it affects family members, friends, and the community. We understand that you or someone you know may need support. The Greenwich Suicide Postvention Response Team can assist you in receiving the support you need.