EMT Course Information

At Greenwich EMS, we are dedicated to providing high-caliber Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training that sets our students apart in this critically important field. Our robust 14-week course has been thoughtfully designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience they need to excel as EMT professionals.

Our EMT program goes beyond the state minimum education requirements. This intensive course not only covers all necessary topics, but also provides hands-on clinical experiences, specialty lectures, and additional enhancement modules to make sure our students receive a well-rounded training.

Key Program Features
  1. Self-Defense Introduction: Learn the basics of self-defense, an essential skill for EMTs who can often find themselves in challenging situations.
  2. Extrication Class: Get hands-on training on how to safely remove patients from crash scenes, ensuring minimum harm while maximizing care.
  3. Specialty Lectures: Benefit from guest lectures from experts in the field, bringing a wealth of real-world experience and advanced knowledge.
  4. Ambulance Clinical Shifts: Get a taste of the job with closely supervised shifts in an ambulance, responding to real-life situations and applying your training.
  5. Hospital Clinical Shifts: Complete rotations at Greenwich Hospital, observing and learning from experienced medical professionals.
EMT Basic Life Support

Fundamentals of providing basic life support, including CPR and AED use.

Medical Terminology

Learning the language of medicine for effective communication in healthcare settings.

Patient Assessment

Skills for comprehensive patient assessment and treatment planning.

Airway Management

Techniques for securing and maintaining a patient’s airway in emergencies.

Trauma and Injury Management

Approaches to handling various trauma situations, from burns to fractures.

Emergency Pharmacology

Overview of common medications EMTs may administer or encounter.

Special Population Care

Focus on the unique needs of pediatric and geriatric patients.

HAZMAT and Rescue Operations

Strategies for safe and effective response in hazardous situations.

Infection Control and Safety

Guidance on disease prevention and maintaining personal and patient safety.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Examination of legal responsibilities and ethical considerations for EMT professionals.

Self-Defense Introduction

Basics of self-defense techniques for personal safety.

Extrication Techniques

Training on safely extricating patients from accident scenes.

Course Schedule

Learning about paramedics and EMTs who work on ambulances can be extremely beneficial for children. It can alleviate their fear during an emergency situation and equip them with knowledge on when to call 911, the important questions they may be asked, and even allow them to practice using some equipment.

Winter Class

Feb – May

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Summer Class

May – Aug

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Fall Class

Sep – Dec

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be 16 by the completion of the course. If you’re under 18, we’ll need parental consent.

What time commitment is required?

The course is an intensive 14-week program with classes held twice weekly in the evenings and additional Saturday sessions.

What certification do I receive upon course completion?

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be eligible to take the State and National examinations for EMT certification.

Do I need to live in Connecticut or New York to enroll?

While our physical location is in Greenwich, CT, we welcome students from both Connecticut and New York.

Let Greenwich EMS be Your Path to Success!

Our EMT program is more than just education—it’s about making a difference in people’s lives, and our course ensures you are thoroughly prepared to do so. Our rigorous curriculum, including both virtual and in-person lectures, online education, and practical skill sessions, will help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel as an EMT professional. Join us in making a difference, one emergency at a time.

Course Schedule

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